VOX+ Gear Plus VR Headset - Virtual Reality Headset 3D Viewing Glasses

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  • VR in Seconds – Using the latest VR technology, Gear+ turns your smartphone into an impressive virtual reality showcase. Fly through the Grand Canyon, jump into a fast-paced 3D game, or become a character in an animated film.
  • √ Impressive Design – Light and stylish, and fits over most corrective glasses.
  • √ Comfortable Fit – Features three adjustable straps for ideal weight distribution, with soft and breathable cushions including foam nose pads.
  • √ Quality Lenses – Specially designed Aspheric lenses need no adjustment, and case fits most prescription lenses. Phone slides into holding slot.
  • √ Compatible Phones – Operates with smartphones that have 4-6.5 inch screens, including Android, Apple and Microsoft. Plays more than 300 virtual reality Apps on Apple App and Google Play stores.

FOV: HD magnification, 5.2-fold, 102-degree view

Size: 4.0-6.5": Max length 175mm, Max Width 90mm
Best configuration: Screen 5.5 ", resolution 1080P and above
Phone system support: Android, IOS, Microsoft
IPD adjustment: Synchronous movement around regulate IPD, IPD adjustable range of up to 10mm
Adapt myopia and adjust focal length: 0-600°naked eye viewing support, barrel rotation support adjust focal length.
Media player: 3D with split screen video playback support
Technical Support: Height version* compatible games and movies, with a professional game plug

How to use:
1. Play a video, game or VR movie on your smartphone and connect the earphones.
2. Center your phone in the front pocket and close tightly.
3. Adjust the lens distance and pupil adjustments and go VR!

Package Includes:
1 3D Virtual Reality Headset
1 User Manual
1 Cleaning Cloth

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